Research Interests

  • Political economy, public finance and applied microeconomics

Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. S. Galletta, Law enforcement, municipal budgets and spill-over effects: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in Italy (2017) Journal of Urban Economics , Media Coverage:,,
  2. S. Galletta and A. Redonda, “Corporate Flat Tax Reforms and Businesses’ Investment Decisions: Evidence from Switzerland” (2017), International Tax and Public Finance 
  3. S. Galletta, “On the determinants of happiness: a Classification And Regression Tree (CART) approach” (2016),  Applied Economics Letters
  4. S. Galletta and M. Jametti, “How to Tame Two Leviathans? Revisiting the effect of direct democracy on local public expenditure in a federation” (2015), European Journal of Political Economy
  5. S. Galletta, M. Jametti, and A. Redonda, “Highway to Economic growth? Competition in public works tenders in the Democratic Republic of Congo” (2015),  South African Journal of Economics
Current Working Papers
  • G. Daniele , S. Galletta and B. Geys  “Abandon Ship? Party Brands and Politicians’ Responses to a Political Scandal” (2017),  IdEP Economic Papers n. 1703
  • F. Cavalcanti, G. Daniele and S. Galletta, “Popularity shocks and political selection: The effects of anti-corruption audits on candidates’ quality” (2016), IdEP Economic Papers n. 1607
  • S. Galletta, “Direct Democracy, Partial Decentralization and Voter Information: Evidence from Swiss Municipalities” (2015), IdEP Economic Papers n. 1501 R & R Economics and Politics 
Work in progress
  • “The effect of equalization transfers on local authorities’ decisions”
  • “Citizens’ preferences and direct democracy”

Conferences and seminars

  • 2017 ASSA Chicago, SSES Lausanne, Workshop on Political Economy & Fiscal Federalism Barcelona, Petralia Workshop Siracusa
  • 2016 ZEW Public Finance Conference Mannheim, Workshop on the Economics of Organized Crime Bergamo, IIPF Lake Tahoe, SSES Lugano, Seminar at IAE/UAB Barcelona, Seminar at KOF-ETH Zürich
  • 2015 YSEM Zürich, EPCS Groningen, SIEP Ferrara, CESifo Dresden, Seminar at IEB Barcelona
  • 2014 IIPF Lugano, CPEG Ottawa
  • 2013 CIRANO Fiscal Rules Montreal, CAE Montreal, PCS New Orleans, Seminar at McMaster University Hamilton
  • 2012 SIEP Pavia, SPAN doctoral symposium Berne